We are OPEN!


Monday-Saturday 11-7, Sunday 11-4

Please Note:  We currently have a limited menu.  Click on the PDF below.

Below is our Pandemic Dining Guide which, according to rumor, offended some folks. That was definitely not the intent given our customers are what keep us alive.  You're our community, our friends and many of you have become our family but the "guide" is simply brutal honesty.  We are really looking looking forward to seeing your smiling faces even if they are covered with masks and we want to continue to see you by staying open so "playing by the rules" translates to being able to remain open.  The brutal honesty comes from the brutal truth of being without a job and without Brooklyn's we're all out of a job..that's brutal my friends.

 Thanks for your understanding.


Both the Main and Patio bars will be open with social distancing in place and no seating where the drinks are being prepared.  Obviously there won't be as many bar stools but you can still belly up!

Pandemic Dining Guide

Things have changed folks so we have to play by the rules determined by the COVID-19 Guidelines for Restaurants.  The link below provides info should you be interested.


We are serving on the the back patio and inside but as is recommended by the guidelines, outside is best and we will be operating at 50% capacity so reservations are recommended.

Wear a mask except when eating or drinking.  That means when you walk in the door, you wear a mask, if you go to the bathroom, you wear a mask, if you're not in your seat, you wear a mask.  Please respect this.

Maintain the social distancing rules, if you don't know what those are, don't come in.

We have to adhere to our NO SEPARATE CHECKS policy (in the old days we broke this policy all the time but we need to be smart and handling 5 cards for 5 people at the same table is not smart.).

Parties of 8 or less only.

Per the Restaurant Guidelines we are taking names and phone numbers:  "Provide an option for customers to sigh in to facilitate notifying them if an exposure occurs"  You are not required to "sign in" but we suggest you do.

The inside bar will not be open rather that is where we will be preparing drinks (per the Guidelines for Restaurants).  We will have the outside bar STOOLS available for seating (no drinks will be made outside), with the correct protocol and social distancing guidelines.

We are happy to be reopening, though it will look a lot different, and we hope to stay open but that depends on a lot, one of which is your cooperation and playing by the rules.

We hope to see you soon!

Located at 2644 W. Colfax just south of Mile High Stadium, Original Brooklyn's was established in 1983 in the historic Solf building.

2644 W. Colfax

Denver, CO 80204